Messanger is the most popular app. Its can help us to conversation with unknown people or other. We can use this to share our feeling with our relative & others. It can help to talk one country to another country.

Advantages of Messenger:-

  1. We can message from this one device to another.
  2. We can send voice message also from this application.
  3. We can do video call with another person.
  4. We can share story in chis application.
  5. We can see there how many people are online or offline.
  6. We can use this application to social marketing.
  7. We can sell our product with this application.
  8. We can do audio call also.

this application is more intersting you can also use this application to enjoy your self. you can feeling happy to use this applicatio this application is most powerfull. this application is can youse this app in any country.

I know you are already used this app then you know it is more help full to us.


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