How to compress image without loosing the quality

compress images ? yeah compress images which is really necessary of all of us because image with high res will slow down the website and it takes longer time than we expected which makes users to leave the site as soon as possible after then visited. So, compress image is really the most important and its valuable for rank your website in search engines. The more fast your site loads the more user engagement will increase or it helps you to rank individually in search engines.

First of all, i want to let you that blogger is  very behind compare to WordPress  because of WordPress comes with a lot of plugins which you  need to install in your WordPress and and customize as your needs. Every small things can be done with plugin in WordPress that's why blogger is needs to do everything manually.

Don't there is the still way to how you can do better with blogger. You can compress images or photos online/offline in many ways but most of the method you used will lose your image quality. So, I have come up with how to compress any images or photos online in your phone losing it's quality in a click. Have look down and follow the instructions and use them and make your site faster and give a new taste to it.

in this post, i have written how  to compress images in very effective way without loosing it's quality or compress images sizes in very low sizes in same image quality then you need to follow the steps below to get started.

How to compress image , why it needs ?

There are several apps or methods are available to compress your image in very low sizes with same quality among from all of the methods i share the most outstanding way to compress images in very effective ways.

I have already narrated about the benefits of compressing images in few lines. It is the one of the precious aspect of ranking and speeding up your website. Most of bloggers do compress the image before they upload it in there site because it is important to do.  You can check your site speed after you compress image of before you compress image i'm sure you will get amazed, there you will see vast outcome. Your site really load images faster when you use compressed images in your site and that's why most of blogger does it.

Online image or photo compressor will compress your all images and let your download in small size losing image quality. It will also compress image URL. You can use it in your mobile or computers. You just need the internet connection for perform this task. Go , Compress and Download then use them. Wasting time much, follow the steps below to compress your high quality image or photos in small size losing it's quality.

In WordPress , you can use plenty of plugins available for compressing images, Just install plugin and start compressing images in very effective way. if you are blogger everything you need to do is manually you can follow the step below if you site is in blogger or if you are WordPress user and avoid installing plugin then this method also applies to you.

 #Compress online 

in this post method, i will explain about how you and compress images online loosing it's quality then here you go.

STEP 1. is the best online image or photo compressor the most blogger use is Which is the one of best online image or photo compressor. which will compress image in a second losing image quality.  Go to the link below and start compressing.

online image compress

STEP 2. Now , Compress all the images you gonna use them. Upload your all the images in upload area. You can compress 1 or more images at once. Just choose your image to compress.

online image compress

STEP 3. Now, You need to hit press in Compress Images as soon as you click on the button it will start compressing and give you increible results.

online image compress

STEP 4. Scroll down and click on Download All button to download all your compressed images in your phone. Use them in your websites and check your site performaces.

online image compress

Note : Downloaded images will be in .ZIP format. So you need to extract it with any zip extracter or you can use any file manager such as ES FILE MANAGER to unzip .Need Es File Explorer? 

This is the effective way to compress your high quality images or photos online without losing it's quality. You can try it before you upload images in your website. You will amazed by it's service because it compress images in an incredible way without loosing the quality.

How to compress images or photos in Android Phone?

There are a lot of apps available to compress images in your android phone. All the apps give your unexpected results so , All of them QReduce Lite and Easist Image Converter are best. You can check these two App to compress your images and photos in your android phone.

QREDUCE LITE : QReduce Lite is an android app which let you compress all the images and photos in simple way. You can set the actual size by yourself to compress. It compresses images to MB to KB. Select any off image from your gallery and give the size then start compressing the images.

online image compress

Easiest Image Converter : Easiest Image Converter is another image compresser app which let you compress any images or photos in your desired size. It is also and android best images compesser app to compress images or photos in simple way. It has simple interfare and clean. Download the app from link below and try compressing images in your desired sizes.

online image compress

These all method narrated above are shared after personal experience. i recommend all of you try any one method explained above. I'm sure you will really impress with this method, because above mentioned method works incredibly.

This is all the ways to compress all the images or photos in your android phone without any complication. Above all the mentioned method give your best results besides it is very easy and helpful for compressing images or photos in your phone. Try above method and give a new step in new level of blogging.

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