Change alignment of Chrome Address bar in android

How often you browse with chrome?  If you often use chrome then you must have struggled to typing the address for websites because it aligns in the top. With bigger screen of smartphone your need to struggle for typing address.

Change address bar position

In this post, i share the idea to how to you can change the alignment of address  bar in chrome top to bottom which makes you more productive and expand your user experience. Here is the essential step to follow to activate it.

How to place chrome address bar in the bottom?

Let's have a look on the tutorial to how you can enable the option that let you to olace the Chrome address bar in the bottom of Chrome app. Let's get started  it.

Step 1 : Open chrome browser from app drawer in you smartphone. We are working on chrome open chrome browser ni other. 

Change address bar position 

Step 2 : Now in the address bar type the following address in the address bar.


Change address bar position

Step 3 : Now in the search bar type the "duet" and search.

Change address bar position

Step 4 : Now you need to enable the option duet as you see in the screenshot.

Change address bar position

Step 5 : Now relaunch or restart your chrome browser to apply the changes.

Change address bar position

This is how you can set the position of the address bar to bottom in chrome. Hope this helpful article helped you.

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