How to enable hidden dark mode in facebook messenger app

Learn here how to enable dark mode on facebook messenger. You can turn dark mode on facebook messenger with the little effort. Check the tutorial below to know how to unlock or turn facebook messenger dark mode within App.

dark mode facebook messenger

Along with the regular updates day by day Facebook is bringing great features in their facebook messenger App. You might have noticed that facebook has already brought the features of group members to kick out from them when they are not active in the group. As the viral updates Now, facebook has added awesome feature to its messenger app is "Dark Mode".

Dark mode is now rolling all over the world in latest version of android, If you are willing to grab this latest updates on the facebook messenger have a look down.

How to enable Facebook Messenger Dark Mode on for All Devices?

The features in hidden by the devoloper you must enable it with the litte trick, Check the following steps to enable facebook messenger dark mode on.

STEP 1 : Check that you have latest version of messenger, If you have not updated in you can updates from Google Play Store for Android and App Store for IOS users.

STEP 2 : Now, Open your facebook messenger app and open chat with anyone and send a MOON emo with any open chat.

STEP 3 : Now, double tab on the this moon emo and you will get popup message that your dark mode in enabled.

STEP 4 : Now, restart your phone sometimes it requires your phone to reboot the make changes and apply.

dark mode messenger
Dark Mode Messneger

STEP 5 : Now, Go to Facebook Messenger and Look in the setting there you will see that Dark Mode toggle between the button to On and Off.

That's all for how you can enable the dark mode on facebook messenger without any trouble. This update is rolling all over the world. Whenever you feel weak to see the App you can turn on or enable dark mode on facebook messenger and save your eyes power.

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