Android top 5 best floating Apps to do multitask 2019

Android top 5 floating Apps let you perform multiple task at once. You can use multi task in android with the help of flaoting Apps. Floating Apps helps you to utilise multiple Apps at same time. Check below Android top five best floating Apps for free.

android floating apps

Android is open source software based on linux because of it, You can do alot of customization. You can customise it's Display, Apps, Systems etc. If you have root access then you can bring advance changes in your android phone. If the multi task comes to android none can beat it. In the post I'm talking about Android top 5 best flaoting apps. Floating apps do the same thing that you can install in your android phone and use its features. Look down the Android top 5 best floating apps for your android phone.

#1. Floating Apps Free [MultiTaksing]

floating apps
Floating Apps

Floating Apps is an android apps which contains a lot of built-in Apps when you open it all the apps float in the screen as same as Pc. Mean, you can use multiple apps at same time. You even don't need to exit from the app you can minimize and open it when you need. It support Android P also. It contains apps such as Floating Browser ,Calculator, Youtube, Facebook,Camera and many more. If you talk about the multitask in Android then this is the App you must try first.

#2. Float
Float Browser

Float is an Android Floating browser app. It is very lightweight app even very small in size. It is fast and secure. It is the optimized browser for user web browsing experience. It supports HTML 5 as well as expand , collapse menu with beautiful design. You can open it and minimise it and open when you suddenly need to browse something in web. If you are searching for the floating browser then it is the best one.

#3. Float Tube
float tube
Float Tube

Float Tube is an Android video player for You & your all Musics and Videos on YouTube. You can simply watch your YouTube video in Floating screen. Even you can play YouTube music on background in your android. You can watch youtube video on high quality. Search and choose your video and play in float mode. You can search your favourite videos and play quickly in float mode.

#4. Tiny Apps
tiny apps
Tiny Apps

Tiny Apps is the hub of total 18 flaoting apps. These all contains 18 floating apps, shown in small windows and staying on top of any other app. Tiny Apps comes in a simple and easy design to give you a satisfying user-experience. This makes multitasking a lot easier and boosts everyone's productivity. You can open multiple windows and you can move them resize and do whatever you want. Tiny Apps contains popular built-in Apps such as Calculator, Browser, File Manager and many more. If you want to be more productive you can try this App.

#5. Multi Window - Split Screen
multi window
Multi Window Apps

Multi Window - Split Screen is a (Multi Tasking) App where you can use two apps or more than two apps at a single screen. You can use multiple apps at a time in a Screen and no need to switch tasks. You Can Also Create Shortcuts Of Your Installed System Apps Icon Into Multi Window Tray. And By Clicking On These Shortcuts Icons, You Can Easily Switch From One Task To Another During. This awesome app Split your screen in two part for perfect multitask and floating. If you want to use two screen split it with Multi-Window App. Check the app and try it.

Well, These all are floating apps to perform multiple task in your android phone. You will be more productive and increase your android user experience. Not, only that you can save your time with this. It give most most quick and fast user experience to you. If you are using these all remember you are few steps ahead from others.

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