How to make first letter bold in posts with css

Every blogger want to make awesome and unique posts with awesome content. Every blogger write the blog posts for theirs own website but none can make awesome blog post with help of css. Those blogger who write blog post in html mode can make blog post awesome making first letter bold in the paragraph. You can make so many changes and add style in your blog posts with the help of css. You can make awesome posts with this simple tricky way. if you know the basics knowledge of css and html then it will be very easy for you.

stylish paragraph blog post

making the first letter bold looks your site attractive. you can make your own style with the this following tricky way. You must have seen in many blog post that the blog posts look awesome with first letter bold. I'm going to share you how you can make it with simple short css code in blogger. if you write blog post with html then look here how you can do that. I am sharing a code to make it how it looks like.

How to make first letter bold in posts?

Just with the two pieces of code change your blog post and make it aweosme. write you post in this way and give a new look to your blog posts that makes your user makes to stay here in your site.

Write your post in html mode

You must write your post in html mode to bring incredible changes and style in your post. so following tips makes you sure to how to make the first letter bold.

< p> This is just the demo post.
This is just the demo post.
This is just the demo post.
Thi"s is just the demo post. < /p>

**--css code--**
p :: first-letter {float:left;padding:10px 24px; }

You can look following screenshot how it actually looks like in the posts.

Make first letter bold in post

Style with more css code

you can bring so many stylish changes in it. You can add background color of first letter. you can add box-shadow, color , font style etc. So , if you don't know how to do, you cab have a look in this code. just add css in this way.

**--css code--**
p :: first-letter {
padding:10px 24px;
background: red;
font-family: 'Roboo';

This is the look how it actually looks like after applying this css code in this element.

MAKE awesome post HTML and CSS

Note : If you are running a website in then you don't need to write css again and again post to post. so you can paste the same css code in your template before < /b:skin>. if you did it works in every new post where no need to write css code.

This ain't big things for blogger. Some friends asked me to do so i decided to write a post on it. This is also not a great tutorial but it might the newbie on this topic how actually they can make it.

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