Use Free Web Icons For Your Website

Nowadays online job are everywhere expanded around the world. There are various of online works like affiliate, reffering , research program and making a website etc. but making a website and start earn from the site attracting users in your site has been best choice for blogger. but for making money and attracting traffics you need the fascinating and unique website designed and your site top ranked on search engine.

You can see in many sites they have used some free icons in their websites like home icon , iconn in about ,icon in contact etc. Using of free icons in your site makes your site much more attractive that it impress the traffics becuase of it's beautiful designed of website and it's layout. Using of free icons in your site is very easy you can use it in your site in few steps. Today we are going to share an article about how to use free icons in any website for free. Those icons costs nothing except your hard work. So, are you confusing how to use free icons in your websites? check the post and details below.

There are some sites from those you can access free icons for your website. Yes, it is fontawesome. Goto This Link and you will redirect to the fontwesome icons site & you will see plenty of icons available there in the site. but how to access for free in your site? look at down.

How To Use Fontawesome Icons For Free?

You can use fontawesome icons in your site first you must install FontAwesome in your site , without installing of it the icons will not appear. So, follow quick method to install the fontawesome in your site and use of free icon.

A.Step First

Before start using free icons you need the installation of fontawesome in your website so, to install copy the codes from below and paste it in your index/html main codes after < head >.


B.Step Second

Use Of Free Icons

After successful installation of fontawesome in your website you can use now it in your site. To you free icons you need to write a code with the icon names. look below.

You like to home icons in your homepage then edit your homepage link and add a code . E.g.

< i class="fa fa-home"/ >

So, samely you can use other icons too. Look at the table blow to know the names of Icons.

Icons Code Name Style
fa fa-home
fa fa-address-book
fa fa-address-book-o
fa fa-address-card
fa fa-adjust
fa fa-american-sign-language-interpreting
fa fa-bar-chart
fa fa-battery-o
fa fa-battery-4
fa fa-bed
fa fa-bell-o
fa fa-bell-slash
fa fa-bicycle
fa fa-blind
fa fa-bolt
fa fa-bomb
fa fa-book
fa fa-bookmark
fa fa-braille
fa fa-briefcase
fa fa-bug
fa fa-bus
fa fa-calculator
fa fa-home
fa fa-calendar
fa fa-camera
fa fa-child
fa fa-circle-o
fa fa-deaf
fa fa-diamond
fa fa-desktop
fa fa-edit
fa fa-envelope
fa fa-eraser
fa fa-fax
fa fa-eye
fa fa-female
fa fa-film
fa fa-flag
fa fa-filter
fa fa-fire
fa fa-folder
fa fa-gamepad
fa fa-gavel
fa fa-gear
fa fa-gears
fa fa-gift
fa fa-globe
fa fa-hdd-o
fa fa-hotel
fa fa-handshake-o
fa fa-hashtag
fa fa-heart
fa fa-heartbeat
fa fa-image
fa fa-flask
fa fa-crop
fa fa-info
fa fa-info-circle
fa fa-key
fa fa-keyboard-o
fa fa-language
fa fa-leaf
fa fa-legal
fa fa-lemon-o
fa fa-cube
fa fa-magnet
fa fa-mail-reply
fa fa-map
fa fa-male
fa fa-microphone
fa fa-comments
fa fa-money
fa fa-minus
fa fa-mobile
fa fa-navicon
fa fa-music
fa fa-motorcycle
fa fa-moon-o
fa fa-paint-brush
fa fa-percent
fa fa-paw
fa fa-pencil
fa fa-plane
fa fa-plug
fa fa-plus
fa fa-print
fa fa-quote-right
fa fa-quote-left
fa fa-refresh
fa fa-retweet
fa fa-remove
fa fa-road
fa fa-send
fa fa-shield
fa fa-ship
fa fa-shower
fa fa-signal
fa fa-sign-language
fa fa-smile-o
fa fa-sort-down
fa fa-spoon
fa fa-star
fa fa-sun-o
fa fa-support
fa fa-tags
fa fa-tasks
fa fa-thumbs-down
fa fa-thumbs-up
fa fa-times
fa fa-tint
fa fa-trash
fa fa-copyright
fa fa-trademark
fa fa-trophy
fa fa-truck
fa fa-tty
fa fa-tv
fa fa-umbrella
fa fa-university
fa fa-unlock
fa fa-upload
fa fa-user
fa fa-users
fa fa-user-plus
fa fa-volume-off
fa fa-video-camera
fa fa-volume-up
fa fa-warning
fa fa-wheelchair
fa fa-window-close
fa fa-code
fa fa-wifi
fa fa-facebook
fa fa-twitter
fa fa-youtube
fa fa-instagram

So, above all are some icons, You can find more and more icons from this link. This link is official link of Fontawesome. Above icons are provided by fontawesome. so , need more click on link below.

You can style the icon with css to make it more attractive. Adding backgrounds, add border radius with css anything you like. Simply from above icon you can make floating share icons yourself. hope you like the our work. Dont forget to share with friends. leave comments if anything wrongs happened.

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