See result with marksheet and calculate the percent of GPA

The National Examination Board (NEB) published the result of Grade 10 Secondary Education Examinations (SEE) on Saturday. Today see result was out. All the students are really panic for results of their hardworking full of a year. the whole nation is fully gossiping about current situation of the SEE students and their work.

There are many ways to get the SEE results. but most of students using sms for SEE results. and I'm sure some of them are still confusing about the GRADE, PERCENTAGE and MARKSHEET.Don't worry we are here help you about how to be sure about in it and how to calculate the percentage of your GPA and Get your full MARKSHEET.

Just complete the following instructions to know your see result


1. Open this link SEE RESULT
2. You will get in the page where you must enter Your Symbol Number and Date of birth exact.
3. You will get SEE result with full MARKSHEET.


Calculate the percentage is very easy. Use your calculator to calculate the percentage of your GPA.

■ Just multiply the your GPA POINT by x25.
If your total GPA is 2.0 then multiply it with ×25.

50.0 %
Conhratulations ! Your GPA percent is 50.0%.

Don't worry about how to get mark sheet and see results because this article helps you alot. Hope this will really help you to get what you were looking for?. If any faults in the article let us know. Leave your comments and contact us.

Note:- All the data and results published here are by Office Controller of Examination Sanothimi ,Bhaktapur. However, Tricks World doesn't guarantee the data shown are accurate.

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