lineage custom rom for Huawei cun l21

Custom rom is modified rom or ported for certain devices by expert people which is known or called as custom rom for your devices. custom roms types are diffrent like we can find the popular are Lineage, Cynogenmod, Vipers Os, Miui Os, Oero and manymore. custom roms helps you in many thing like you can upgrade your android system of your devices. You can find the roms available for your devices through Google or officail page of XDA.

Popular android devices like Samsung , Red Mi, Huawei , Oneplus , Motorola , Oppo , Lenovo and many more high devices are getting more and more attractive and stable roms. many of people dont like the stock rom that offically comes when you buy it because the stock rom is devoloped by manufacter. so for them they try to install and update the rom in their android devices, they manually wants to replace official status to custom for more powerfull performances and customization. most of stock roms come with boring looks thats why people hunts for custom roms in web.

installing the custom is risky though because if we play with system our devices might bootloop and their might occur many unexpected errors. for install custom you must play with root and for advances customization you need to have access of root which might problem for devices that might be possibility of softbrick. i personally recommend to know the full structure before this process about how to get recover from such situations.

There are many devices utilizing custom roms like Samsung Users, Miui , Redmi , Huawei and other users are using the custom rom in their devices and we a here sharing one the popular custom rom lineage 14.1 for HUAWEI CUN L-21. it is full customized and ported rom for huawei yii cun l-21. installing the lineage in huawei cun l21 devices is very easy you can manually flash it via TWRP. before flash you need something to know.

Before you porcced look for the basic naccessary thing that requires to install or flash new custom roms.
1. Need root :- Check your root status.

2. Need twrp :- Check that you have fully installed working twrp in your device.

3. Rom :- Download the rom and place it to the folder where you can easily access it in sd card.

4. Gapps :- Download gapps for lineage 14.1 , gapps version must be for 7.1. if you cant find out link is below.

5. Battery Charge :- Check your devoce charge is more than 70%.

6. Knowledge :- You must have basic knowledge about it.


If you don't know about how to root and install TWRP in Huawei Cun L21 then view this post.

  • Switch off your devices
  • Goto recovery mode manually pressing power and vol+ together
  • You will get into the TWRP.
  • Goto wipe menu. and wipe everything expect system and sd card.
  • Come back and goto install menu and choose the lineage rom to install
  • Now swipe to install after comlete clear delvik.
  • And goto install and now install gapps version for lineage 14.1.
  • When you are all done reboot the devices you will get lineage in your huawei cun l21.

Note:- After flash complete and reboot your devices may take several minutes restart so be patient dont be panic.


The lineage 14.1 rom for huawei cun l21 is fully ported rom which is based on android version 7.1. it has some default stock apps and fetures are included in the rom. some of them are screen recorder app is by default , screenshot partial or full pressing the power menu. screen display option as small, normall and big. split screen is also set by default. it changes everything and give another new look to your device huawei cun l21.
but there is one bug in the rom , we tested the rom but only except front camera and video recording everything work well you can give a try.

To download the lineage ROM for Huawei y5ii cun-21 goto the link below.
1. Lineage ROM:- Download Lineage 14.1
2. Gapps link :-Download Gapps For 7.1

This is all about how to install the custom lineage rom in huawei cun l21. if you were searching for custom rom for your devices this might help you alot. dont forget to leave your valueable comments below.

NOTE :You must do everything in your own risk if any damage or harms happens to you then TRICKS WORLD will not be responsible your bad luck. so if you are not sure dont go ahead please get back.

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