HUAWEI CUN L21 Twrp root and unlock bootloader

Huawei is one of the best devices to adopt because it comes with highly customization. before we make start customization we need to unlock bootloader which is locked by manufacturer. but it is very easy to unlock. there are few steps to unlock it.

before you start keep in mind that you are going to play with systems modifications. so if you brick you must have good knowledge to recover from such a big problems. if we modify the inner sytems the whole modifications of device will change. insuggest if you don't know what are you doing and how to recover if you stuck or haged in problem please leave it don't proceed further. if you are still do more follow stepz below....

Enable developer menu

Enable developer options To turn it on goto setting scroll down and about device >> press 7 times in build number.
Now come back your development options is enabled goto it and turn on usb debug.

Note : Make sure you have successfully installed the drivers in your pc properly.
Requirements :-
1. PC
2. Mediatek drivers or other driver to connect your device to pc.
3. Huawei Devices. For this tutorial (Cun L21 ).
4. Usb cable and Basic knowledge.

  •    1.: Goto huawei bootloader unlock page and get the code.

  •    2.: Now come to the pc and open cmd as administra8tor.

  •    3.: connect your device to pc and type
    (adb devices). if you found your device is listed there you are going good.

  •    4.: next type (adb reboot bootloader).

  •   5. : now finally you will enter to fastboot. type (fastboot oem unlock xxxx) xxx - is your unlock code you get from the website early in unlock page.

  •   6. : If you get success message you are unlocked the bootloader.

  •    7.: Note:- your device will be fully wiped after unlock bootloader.

  •    8.: Now you will be able to flash twrp and root.

Now , installing TWRP.

Download TWRP and rename it as TWRP & Move to the folder where you have adb.


  • reboot your device into fastboot. to to so type (adb reboot bootloader ) in cmd

  •   you device will boot into fastboot mode  

  •    now your TWRP files must be flashed with the command (fastboot flash recovery xxx.img )xxx- is name of your twrp.

  •    it takes less than 3 sec to flash the twrp with the command.  

  • now press Volume up +Power on together leave it when you see your Huawei logo.

  • Now goto install section in Twrp and flash Supersu.Zip to successfully root. 

  • and now clear delvik and reboot your devices.   

  •   You will get what you were looking for.

    This is very simple to unlock, flash and root the devices HUAWEI CUN L21. If you get error you can leave a comment down below. Next part i will teach you about installing custom rom in Cun l21 devices. So keep in touch or stay updated with us.

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