Make Default Theme Without App in Huawei Specially Huawei

Android Operating System one of the most popular in world's best Operating Sytem for Smartphones. Its fuction, customization, utilisation has attracted users. If we look here and there around. We will find there is always majority of smartphones that is running Android Operating System.

Make Default Theme Without App in Huawei Specially Huawei .Hwt File

Though it has popular Operating System, We install many apps from Google Play Store to customise it's Screen , Home, Wallpaper, Theme etc. but It is really impossible to get some of best apps over google play store. As of theming app we can find countless apps in Google Play Store, But That includes Ads or Hangs mobile due to heavy customised theme.

So , leaving this all complication. I will teach you install/apply theme in huawei or emui phones without help of any Apps. Some of you are must not heard about .hwt file. Yes .hwt is the theme pack for huawei Emui phones. whoever built the hwt file for theme pack in huawei it is big task.

What is .hwt files for huawie phones?

hwt files are the theme pack for based on huawei devices or emui devices. It is just a file not an app.

Features of .hwt files...

I have seen many of people are using launcher for their emui phone because of default theme look weired. They search for good lancher in google , hunt in play store and download and make default, and actually they finds too but they are suffering from ads pop on free launcher downloaded from play store. And downloaded lancher can really hang your device or doesnot run smoothly or has ads on it. Because of this we fed up. But in emui phones likes huawei this we can solve via itself using .hwt files for your theme. We dont need to download any launcher for customize the theme. We jusr need .hwt file for changing theme. No need any shit browser for this. Today i am going to teach you about installing miui theme in huawei with default, no need any apps for this. In your huawei phone you can make your phone like an miuiS with .Hwt format themes. Specially it looks like an miui and awesome with this.

Steps 1 :

You can Search in Google miui hwt for huawei and you will find the link over there.

Steps 2 :

You can Download the hwt files from any sites.Here is download link for miui theme. Downlaod :

Steps 3 :

Now after download goto this file and move this file to hwthemes folder of your sdcars or internal storage.Note : If you can not find hwthemes folder, simply you can create in sd card and internal memory where you want to put your hwt file.

Steps 4 :

If you don't have this folder you can create yourself and do it.

Steps 5 :

now, you can check the themes we added going to the APP drawer >> themes>>

Steps 6 :

To view your themes click on my theme.

Steps 7 :

And choose Miui theme and apply the theme.

Done. Its awesome. you never need to install any app for custom launcher. You can try searching others .HWT files too, google may help you. hwt files doesn't change your original theme, it only change the design of your boring stock looks. This article only cover the aspects of huawei and emui. If you are running the same phone with same System, You can a hit a try. if this post really make a good effect for you. Don't hesitate to leave reviews and comments below.

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